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Transit of Venus Special Event

The Tel Aviv University Astro Club is holding a special workshop, open to the public. The workshop will take place on Tuesday, June 8th 2004, between 08:15 and 15:30, at the Smolarz Auditorium The special workshop will include Solar observations through specially equipped telescopes, an exhibition, and a series of lectures in two sessions.
Participation is free of charge. Parking is available in car parks around the university. Arrival by public transportation is reccomended.

1. Observations of the Transit

During the transit (08:15 - 14:30) we shall conduct public Solar observations in front of the Smolarz Auditorium. Observations will be carried out using telescopes equipped with solar filters and other measures to enable safe Solar observations.

2. Special Lectures Session (in Hebrew) -
Chaired by Prof. Elia Leibowitz

Time Speaker Title
10:30-10:45 Prof. Yuval Neeman Opening remarks
10:45-11:15 Prof. Tsevi Mazeh Historical observations of Venus transits
11:15-11:45 Prof. Michael Harsegor Scientific Voyages in the Oceans
11:45-12:15 Prof. Ben-Zion Kozlovsky The Sun
- B r e a k -
13:45-14:20 Prof. Hagai Netzer From Venus to the edge of the Universe: The cosmological distance ladder
14:20-14:50 Prof. Morris Podolak Planet Venus: Earth's twin?
14:50-15:30 Prof. Amiel Sternberg Mission: Mars

3. Special Exhibition

A special astronomical exhibition will take place in the lobby of the Smolarz Auditorium between 08:30 and 15:30.

The exhibition will include the following topics

  • The transit of Venus
  • An exhibition of the artistic photography of Neil Folberg
  • An exhibition of the artistic photography of Yosi Hori
  • The Solar system
  • Astronomical and space research in Tel Aviv University
  • A planetarium

  • and more...