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Sun observations saftey rules

Warning : Observing the sun without professional safety measures can cause blindness!

what is dangerous ?

  • Do not observe the sun directly or through goggles or through a telescope without a special filter for sun observations
  • Do not observe the sun through sun glasses. They do not block the dangerous sun radiation!
  • Do not observe the sun with improvised measures like : blackened glass, blackened camera film, regular filter or other improvisations. Most of them do not block the dangerous sun radiation !
  • Watch your children while they observe the sun , to ensure a safe observation. Even a glimpse at the sun without proper protection can cause permanent damage!

  • What is safe?

    Observing the sun through a spcial made filter ( which filters 99.997% of the visible and the ultra violet light and 99.5% of the infra-red light ). Use the sun filters according to the manufacturer instructions.

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